While attending an AA meeting roughly seven years ago, a fellow member had inspired me to write my own prayers.  It was such a beautiful idea.  When she told me that she was writing her own prayers, as a way to enhance personal rehabilitation, I thought that it was a stroke of genius. It was also during a time when I really felt like my entire prayer life was close to non-existent.

I don’t believe that you must drop to your knees from bed to pray every single morning in order to be a “good” little spiritual person.  We know there is no such thing as this.  With praying, you don’t have to necessarily kneel bedside with your hands crossed and your head facing down in order to be deemed good.  I’ve learned, on my path to a life of recovery, that it really is about the journey and everything we do (and create) while on that path. I believe that if we make an honest effort to silently recite prayers in our heads during the day, for example, then that means we were maintaining our prayer lives.  We would know it deep down inside of ourselves.

So, without further ado, this is the first prayer I ever wrote for myself.

Apprehension Prayer

God, please watch over me
As I enter into this pursuit.

I pray
That the experience
Will teach me,
intrigue me,
but most of all,
I pray that the experience
Will prove a journey worthwhile-

A benchmark for strength.

And so the opportunity that comes

Reflects the light of a spark,

Imbued by the wands of a dream

And I shall never ever forget
That by the end of it all,
Thy will be done.

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