Louis Grassi is a talented psychic-medium who is truly passionate about spreading love and hope to each person with whom he connects.  Even at the age of 12, Louis was experiencing many seemingly unexplainable phenomena.  However, his actual spiritual quest began in 2014, when he got sober.  Newly in recovery, the New England-native began to experience an enhanced sensory perception.  Louis discovered he could see and feel the energy of recently passed loved ones, and he became very sensitive to the emotions of people around him physically. This was a personal detail that Louis kept locked away in the back of his mind for years.

Recalling the cryptic experiences of his youth, he eventually decided to search for some clarity by studying mediumship and intuition.  Nevertheless, Louis went about this quietly, reading informational books & articles, and taking many virtual classes from home. It was during this time however, when he discovered that there were many like-minded people in the world, intrigued by the metaphysical. He then began to slowly open up about his new passion. In fact, he was selective about who he told.

About one year later, Louis became an Akashic Records practitioner, having been credentialed in Dr. Linda Howe’s esteemed Pathway Prayer Process.  He also started giving intuitive and mediumship readings virtually, gradually building up his own clientele. After becoming much more relaxed and at ease about this new passion in his life, Louis found himself giving even more readings, both online and in-person. From this point, he never looked back.

In 2017, Louis decided to take his painful experiences with addiction and turn them into an opportunity to be of service. He felt the calling to educate others, and to caution them of the dangers that go along with living this kind of lifestyle. After quiet contemplation and some much-needed prayer, Louis became nationally certified as a peer recovery coach (Joint Commission-accredited). He has worked to help many clients in Maine to achieve sobriety through a life of recovery. He proudly served as the sole recovery coach in one of the most well-known addiction resource facilities in southern Maine, Health Care Resource Centers. Having gained diverse insight in this field, he later set out to create his own spiritually-based recovery program. He did this in order to formally assist individuals to reach or maintain a recovery-focused lifestyle through the cultivation and nourishment of one’s natural intuitive abilities.

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