A Cycle of Gratitude

I am always so grateful to give readings. Honestly, since it makes me feel happy and excited being of service to others in this way, I am most certainly grateful. I have many private moments, sitting in the quiet, just thanking God for enabling these beautiful opportunities. I always felt that being a psychic and a medium was a creative and colorful way to help others and that makes me even happier (and more grateful).

I did want to share a wonderful story, though. It’s truly beautiful and it proves why doing this work is worthwhile and immensely rewarding. So, right now, there are lots of projects in the works. My virtual events will always be happening because I love doing it and it’s a major part of how I connect to the rest of the world. If I didn’t have my online platform, I wouldn’t have been able to amass clients from all over the country and even world. But lately, I’ve been doing more in-person events. I am actually reading live at a couple different crystal/gift shops throughout southern Maine.

A couple days ago, I was looking around a crystal store called Leapin’ Lizards in Freeport, Maine while in between readings. All of a sudden a woman came up to me, asking if I’d remembered her. So, I did feel bad because, where I do so many readings, I honestly didn’t remember. She went on to explain that I’d given her a reading several months ago in Portland.

She then proceeded to pull out a book from her purse, and told me that, when we’d had our session, I brought her grandmother through, and she said, through me, that her grandmother was encouraging her to finally finish writing (and to publish) the book! And I felt, intuitively, that it was one of her dreams. Well, with her own book displayed in both hands, proudly, she wanted to graciously thank me because she explained that I gave her the push she needed to actually make her biggest dream come true.

Wow… What a beautiful, amazing, and incredibly humbling moment. I was so flattered and of course, I was blushing. I did make sure to tell her though, that I really didn’t do a thing. It was she that thought of those words, and wrote them down, and then released them. She made this dream a reality. I had nothing at all to do with it. But honestly, this was an amazing display of how gratitude really can come in cycles, and very often does.

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