Susan P.

OMG 💖 Louis is one amazing, kind, compassionate soul. There isn’t one class or reading where I am not amazed at his ability to produce specific evidence in a mediumship reading. His talent and expertise goes above and beyond! He isn’t like so many other mediums that just give out general information. He brings up events with such detail, even describing the exact location where something may have occurred. He can also give names of important people, sometimes even nicknames! Our next session will be the Akashic Records. So looking forward to entering into this adventure with him!!

Book a reading with Louis. You won’t be disappointed, but be prepared to laugh and cry all in the same session. 😜 💖I look forward to each and every time I get to see him, too. At this point, I’ve referred many friends to him. And everyone that sees him ends up benefitting from their time together! At this point, I call Louis a friend, and I believe we were meant to cross paths at some point.

I am so grateful!