Cheryl L.

I have had readings by several mediums over the past three years since my honey transitioned. Without a doubt, this reading with Louis was the absolute best! He was so right-on. So much evidence right down to the little nuances. I have never come away from a reading feeling like I was floating in the clouds, until now; Louis left no doubt my loved ones are with me. I did a rather unusual thing, I think, in that I had both an evidential mediumship reading followed immediately with going into my Akashic records. Wow. Talk about enlightening.

Louis is such an engaging and gifted medium. It felt like he was right there with me in feeling the emotions flowing between my loved ones and myself. This was my first time going into the Akashic records and I was not disappointed. I can’t wait to revisit them again. Louis gave me so many gifts with his reading. I am so very grateful. I highly recommend you let Louis join you in your journey of seeking answers, connections, and validation through a reading. You will not regret it.