Prayers & Poems


God, please watch over me
As I begin yet again.

I pray for mercy,
I pray for wisdom.
I pray to follow God’s will
Light from light.

He is in everything that I do
And in everything that I am,
One God from one God.

And in my reflection
At any point in time,
I pray to redeem myself,
In all and everything You represent.

This is all I ask, in this moment.

If I must redeem myself,
I will wait here,
I will wait for the olive branch,
Locked in the mouth of a dove.

Light from light,
So I pray for wisdom.

And so it is.

Asking for Wisdom

At a time when
Everyone seeks to know why,
We have completely lost the ability
To recognize true darkness

For a blinding kind of light.

And so now,
I’m asking for the wisdom
To find a route that leads me
the journey of my life.

I believe in this journey,
I believe it’s a blessing.

And so with this journey,
I ask for clarity
As I make my way.

I am praying to find
The beauty that exists
In the experience of my life.

At a time when
Everyone seeks to know why,
I ask for the ability
To recognize the blackness

Cast in the shadow of the light.

Clearing Prayer

Here I sit
With my back straightened
And my feet flattened.

Here I sit
And now I breathe
In through the nose, out through the mouth
In through the nose, out through the mouth

Now I become a reflection
In the mirror of the present
I don’t take these breaths,
God gives them to me

And as I breathe in faithfully
And breathe out slowly,
All of the energy
That enters my body
Is filtered through me
From my root to my crown-

The Muladhara
To the Sahasrara

The intent is there,
The hope is there,
The joy is there,
The love is there.

Here I sit
With my back straightened
And my feet flattened.

Here I sit
And now I breathe
In through the nose, out through the mouth
In through the nose, out through the mouth

Into the power, out from the clouds
In through the nose, out through the mouth.



New Year’s Poem

Here I am,
Waking up to a new year.
I scan my atmosphere,
Inside and out,
Far from perfect.

But then I realize
God has given me a gift,
A prize for the new year.

God has given me the gift of hope.
I never recognized it before,
But as I join my palms to pray,
I am fully aware
That hope is in fact a gift.

Hope brings happiness,
Hope brings wisdom,
Hope brings vision,
Hope brings love.

Hope is not meant to cause anguish
Or heartache.
Hope is not a state of desperation,
Nor is hope punitive.

Hope is love,
Yes, hope is love!
Alas, hope is a sign of devotion
Straight from the workings of God.


Opening to Spirit Prayer

And now we close our eyes
In this quiet moment of intention.

We call on God to channel
The guides, helpers, and loved ones
Through our mind, body, and spirit

And we breathe deeply,
Taking in oxygen through our noses,
Holding on,
And breathing out through our mouths
Slowly and determinedly

And now we come together,
Sitting in the power,
Letting the power flow through us,
Letting the power bring healing.

It is the power that allows all of us
To connect with Spirit,
In truth & in love
And welcome in those

who wish to do the same,
For the highest and most positive future outcome

of all involved.

This is the power
The power of Spirit



Closing to Spirit PRayer

And now we close our circle.
We close our eyes and breathe,
Returning to that quiet, sacred place,
Rooted in our hearts.
It’s the place that holds the power.

And now we close our circle.
With our eyes closed, we continue to breathe.

Thank you, God,
Thank you, Spirit.
Thank you for the messages, the power, the healing.
Thank you for YOU.

We will call on You again,
So we ask you to stay around,
To keep feeding our souls with love & healing,
And to show us signs
That we can see ourselves
To make us know
That you are always beside us.
Thank you, God,
Thank you, Spirit.

And so it is, AMEN.

Prayer for Energy

Assist me in my quest to become
For the remainder of today

As I am a vehicle for survival…

Powered solely by Your will
Your very, very immense will
But Your capacity to keep
Our relationship
Intimate and extremely direct
Grants me a continuous,
Calming faith

And so with this faith,
I confidently ask You
To keep me up and running
In order to complete the cycle
To acknowledge Your will.


Prayer for Self-Esteem

Help me to be honest,
Honest with myself,
Not to become a villain,
reflecting hatred for myself
far away from my soul

Help me to become less critical of myself
And all my past decisions.
I always did the best that I could,
with the best that I had.

Help me to love myself
with the same amount of faith that I possess
In knowing for sure
That you do love me.


Prayer for Victims of Human Trafficking

Loving Father, loving Mother,
We seek your divine protection
For all who are exploited and enslaved.

For those forced into labor,
Trafficked into sexual slavery,
And denied freedom.

We beseech you to release them
from their chains,
Grant them protection, safety,
And empowerment.

Restore their dignity
And provide to them a new beginning.

Show us how we might stop the exploitation
By addressing its causes.

Help us reach out in support
Of victims and survivors
Of human trafficking.

Make us instruments of your spirit
For their liberation
For this we pray through the divine light
Who lives with you,
In the unity of our Higher Power.

And so it is,

God is the Source

God is the source
Of all creation
God is the love
For all creation

And God’s mercy is unending
In the face of great hope

We are helped,
We are rejuvenated,
We are upheld.

God is the courage
That we all seek
God is the blessing
That we all need.

We are seen,
We are seen and acknowledged,
We are renewed.

Open your eyes,
God is the refuge.


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