Evolvement Group

Have you experienced enhanced intuition?  Do you feel you may even be psychic?  Have you ever felt the energy of deceased loved ones?

Join Intuitive Medium Louis Grassi for his brand-new Mediumship Evolvement Group! The class will take place virtually, on ZOOM, one Thursday a month. In addition, there will also be a complementary study session* offered online, exactly two weeks after that month’s class. This is a unique service that Louis is offering, allowing all students the opportunity to ask those pressing questions or to hold a practice reading. The best part is that this study time will not be advertised publicly, since it is only meant for students of the circle. Attendance is not required. This is really for the people that would like some additional insight into the mechanics of mediumship and intuition.

Louis will teach you to build and draw on that innate psychic sense you know you have.  And even if you’re not sure about your abilities, but you’re very interested, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to grow your mediumship “muscles.”

This circle is all about discovering, exploring, and embodying your psychic & mediumship abilities.  We will also examine the techniques needed to build your confidence so that you feel prepared to give readings on your own. Louis will show you that Spirit communication is a freehearted process, and it is not at all spooky or spine-chilling like some people make it out to be. Our loved ones in Spirit want to make themselves known to us, but only through love and positivity.

Louis will break the process down into clear-cut, approachable steps. What’s more, students will walk away from these meetings with a deeper sense of self-awareness, enlightenment, and even trust.

In this class, we will cover:

▸The psychic senses (the “clairs”)
▸Tools of the trade
▸Daily enhancement practices

▸How to start & maintain a soul diary
▸Meditative techniques (guided imagery)
▸Signs & symbols from Spirit (synchronicity)
▸How to protect your own energy
▸Preventing an “attachment”
▸The truth about ghosts
▸Opening & closing “the door” to Spirit
▸How to give a real reading

ALL levels are welcome. If this is completely new territory for you, I recommend dropping in for a class just to see if you like it. If you’re able to, please have a pen and some paper handy, too! In fact, a simple notebook is even better! 

What makes this group stand out from all the others?

NO scary & uncomfortable “breakout rooms

✓Time devoted to learning & demonstrating YOUR OWN readings

✓Extensive instruction on the “tools of the trade”

✓1:1 time with Louis for extra help*

✓Smaller group size

Future Classes

All classes are virtual and take place via ZOOM.

April 20, 7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT
May 18, 7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT

*PLEASE NOTE: Medium Louis offers a complementary study session exactly two weeks after each class (one Thursday/month). He will be available to answer your questions and provide feedback. These sessions are 60 minutes, and just like the classes, they begin at 7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT. Please be aware that Louis is available during this time, but only by request. You must contact him directly if you wish to meet for extra help. This time is only available to students who attended that month’s class. Finally, the study sessions are not recorded, so it is recommended that you take notes.