The Akashic Records Explained

The Akasha (Sanskrit word for sky) is a powerfully dynamic state of consciousness (or awareness).  Every living being has his/her own “Record” that exists in the Akasha. These records are like energetic data points for each soul and all its experiences through time & space. In order to enter the Records, I always say a special prayer out loud, and then I get into a really peaceful, meditative head space.  Once I’ve “stepped” into this energy field, I am able to access every single event, thought, word, action, and intent that has occurred in all past, present, and future lifetimes.

It really is like having complete and total awareness of one’s soul, either your own or someone else’s.  (You must have prior permission to enter another person’s record.) Each “trip” to the Akasha is always very unique and enlightening.  There is so much wisdom available for us to receive when we fully embrace this heightened vibration.  The best part is that we get what we didn’t even realize we needed.  This modality exists, I believe, to serve our highest good in all facets of life, either now or in the future.

When we meet for a reading in the Records, I will begin with the prayer. (Your name will be incorporated into this prayer so that it specifically applies to you.) Following this invocation, I then enter your Akashic Record. It is not uncommon for me to close my eyes at this point, as I often get visions & symbols in my third eye. These images serve as emblems that represent you, your soul, and your current state of being. Together, we will navigate through this divine energy to uncover your life’s purpose and what brought you here.

This process is all about discovering, and celebrating, who you are at the soul-level. There is no prejudice in the Akashic Records, no hate, no anger – only love. It is all about love.

The Akashic Records are perfect if you’re looking for:

• Your purpose in life
• What you’re good at, and what can help you succeed
• Your personal struggles (like fears or bad habits)
• Answers to why you struggle in those ways
• Insight about death & dying
• What you were doing in past lives
• How past-life knowledge can help you now

Healing and upliftment occur by just being in the Records. Allow yourself to relax and take it all in!

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