The Akashic records readings are unique in that they are focused on your overall soul journey as well as on any specific experience you may be struggling with. Louis has a way of being present with you in the reading that is rare and beautiful. I’ve gotten readings from a number of psychic people over the years. Louis is just so present, with a generosity and delight in what he is doing that is wonderful to experience. I have come back to Louis three times, and I feel that not only do I have a better understanding of my journey here on earth, and lots of support from the unseen realms, but I have a friend and a loving witness of my struggles in Louis. I would recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone who finds their way to him.


He is amazing and connects so well with spirit. He brought through my mom, dad, and precious dog that I lost. He gave me so many details that described each of them so perfectly. My individual readings with him have brought me such comfort during a really difficult time. I would, and already have, recommended Louis to many of my friends.

Laura H.

Louis is a compassionate & gifted animal communicator. He was able to connect and communicate with my sensitive and anxious puppy, Denver, right away. He shared information that helped me understand what my puppy was experiencing and feeling. With that, I have been able to change some things that seemed fun but were causing him to feel anxious. I learned fascinating traits about him that I am now able to work with and understand more effectively. I would absolutely recommend Louis to anyone who seeks to know what their pet might be thinking or feeling. I know that if I have questions in the future I will not hesitate to work with Louis again.  

Stacie & Denver

I have had mediumship and psychic readings from many readers. Louis is by far one of the most gifted, evidentiary mediums I have had the privilege of working with. He’s not only accurate with the messages he receives from spirit, but also presents the information with great compassion, kindness, and a great love for what he does. He is truly a light bringing comfort, peace, and closure for those who are blessed to know and be read by him. I look forward to having Intuitive and Akashic readings in the near future. Louis is a truly beautiful soul!


I want to take the time to thank you for the reads yesterday. I have to admit, those were some of the best, most spot-on I’ve ever received.

Bobby H.

OMG 💖 Louis is one amazing, kind, compassionate soul. There isn’t one class or reading where I am not amazed at his ability to produce specific evidence in a mediumship reading. His talent and expertise goes above and beyond! He isn’t like so many other mediums that just give out general information. He brings up events with such detail, even describing the exact location where something may have occurred. He can also give names of important people, sometimes even nicknames! Our next session will be the Akashic Records. So looking forward to entering into this adventure with him!!

Book a reading with Louis. You won’t be disappointed, but be prepared to laugh and cry all in the same session. 😜 💖I look forward to each and every time I get to see him, too. At this point, I’ve referred many friends to him. And everyone that sees him ends up benefitting from their time together! At this point, I call Louis a friend, and I believe we were meant to cross paths at some point.

I am so grateful!

Susan P.

Absolutely amazing! I cannot say enough. My session was spot-on; thank you so much for entering my Akashic Record and bringing so much clarity. Now, my soul work on this begins. I can’t wait until our next trip to the clouds. I highly recommend that everyone visit their record at least once as soon as possible. Louis is the perfect companion to guide you along your journey. Fantastic!

Nicole B.

Wow. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the reading, but it was spot-on and so informative. Very affirming of where I am, while laying [out] clear steps for moving forward using my own inner assets. Thank you, Louis. Wonderful reading.

Kate M.

Louis was wonderful! I had such a fantastic reading, it was so spot-on. I’ve already recommended his services to friends and family because I had such a positive experience. Book an appointment with Louis, you’ll be so happy you did!

Jennifer G.

Reading was amazing! It was totally on-point! He hit things about me right on the head. Louis is so professional, as well. Definitely recommend this reader.

Jax W.