Louis, you are an incredible medium. I was very skeptical going into this. You ended up giving me a reading when I wasn’t expecting it, and you actually connected to my dad! That was priceless to me because I am still reeling from this loss. The fact that you knew about his disease was what did it for me. You picked up on his job, his smoking, our dog, and, best of all, you actually picked up on all the times we went to open gym when I was a kid. That blew me away!

This is all info that I’ve never volunteered online and I don’t do social media as a rule. This was all you. Thank you man, I am so grateful.

Dylan T.

Absolutely amazing! I cannot say enough. My session was spot-on; thank you so much for entering my Akashic Record and bringing so much clarity. Now, my soul work on this begins. I can’t wait until our next trip to the clouds. I highly recommend that everyone visit their record at least once as soon as possible. Louis is the perfect companion to guide you along your journey. Fantastic!

Nicole B.

I have to say, upon reflecting, I have never in my life had such dead-on communication, where I didn’t have to reach for some elements and make them fit, you know? I’m really interested in learning more about how to tap in…


Wow. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Sacred Wealth Code reading, but it was spot-on…and so informative. Very affirming of where I am, while laying [out] clear steps for moving forward using my own inner assets. Thank you, Louis. Wonderful reading.

Kate M.

Louis was wonderful! I had such a fantastic reading, it was so spot-on. I’ve already recommended his services to friends and family because I had such a positive experience. Book an appointment with Louis, you’ll be so happy you did!

Jennifer G.

Reading was amazing! It was totally on-point! He hit things about me right on the head. Louis is so professional, as well. Definitely recommend this reader.

Jax W.

Thoughtful, meaningful Akashic Records reading. Louis gave me powerful insights that have already helped me greatly. Will definitely do this again. Highly, highly recommended.

Jennifer L.

I have had readings by several mediums over the past three years since my honey transitioned. Without a doubt, this reading with Louis was the absolute best! He was so right-on. So much evidence right down to the little nuances. I have never come away from a reading feeling like I was floating in the clouds, until now; Louis left no doubt my loved ones are with me. I did a rather unusual thing, I think, in that I had both an evidential mediumship reading followed immediately with going into my Akashic records. Wow. Talk about enlightening. Louis is such an engaging and gifted medium. It felt like he was right there with me in feeling the emotions flowing between my loved ones and myself. This was my first time going into the Akashic records and I was not disappointed. I can’t wait to revisit them again. Louis gave me so many gifts with his reading. I am so very grateful. I highly recommend you let Louis join you in your journey of seeking answers, connections, and validation through a reading. You will not regret it.

Cheryl L.

I had the greatest reading from Louis! He was spot-on with the mediumship, shocking me with precise and evidential information. The psychic guidance that Louis gave me was priceless! I will follow this guidance closely. Couldn’t be happier, 5 stars!

Jackie B.

I’ve had several readings with Louis Grassi – mediumship, psychic, as well as Akashic Records readings. This guy is not only super gifted and in-tune to his craft, but he is also a very sweet and funny guy full of luminous light. He delivers messages with ease and confidence. He trusts his inner knowing and for me has been 100% accurate. I recommend any of his services; he truly is the real deal.

Maria M.