The Concept of Denial

One time several years ago, at a more memorable Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, the chair decided to read one of the patient-penned stories towards the end of the Big Book (an alcoholic’s de facto Bible essentially).  It was actually quite bracing for me as I’ve yet to come across an AA group or person from the program that places a considerable emphasis on “those stories at the end.”  Since they are just personal accounts (just), I think many folks view them as “not important.”  However, when the main speaker of our group had been absent a few weeks prior to this meeting due to illness, the fill-in facilitator went ahead with a round-table style reading of the short story, Crossing the River of Denial.  I have to honestly admit, I’d never looked at this story in-depth until then.  I’m actually really glad we did!

It is a story of two alcoholic people married to each other.  They are in denial of being alcoholics, but they do accuse the other person of “having a problem.”  Sounds trite to us at this point, doesn’t it?  What’s so great and unique about this little story is it is basically told from both of their perspectives, back-and-forth, quickly, with no notice.  This rather inadvertent literary effect complements the dysfunctional, hectic nature of the man and woman’s relationship.  I loved everything about this one really because as you read along through it, you discover that they each realize they’re alcoholic themselves.  That’s always compelling for another addict of any kind to hear about.

However, the most crucial, pertinent aspect of this story has to be the text written underneath the title (which I’ll share), since I strongly feel that this is how we all end up telling ourselves officially that we have dealt with this sickness.

“She finally realized that when she enjoyed her drinking, she couldn’t control it, and when she controlled it, she couldn’t enjoy it.”
– pg. 328, the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Original copyright 1939.

What an amazing quote.  I think this says it all, precisely in fact.  The last part of it there, it truly is kind of a different way to regard our situations.  We seldom mix the thoughts of control and alcohol & drug use together since we know it almost never happens…or happened.  Why?  Because we always wanted to enjoy ourselves.  We always wanted to be happy.  We always wanted to numb that pain. Conversely, the reason I share this on a spiritually-themed blog is that I have found, from this moment and others, that the more honest we become with ourselves (about ourselves), is truly the way to existing as a more spiritual person. Of course, there is no official criteria for spiritual consciousness, but that’s because the path to existing as a “spiritual” person is a real journey, filled with unique experiences, struggles, traumas, and blessings. I believe that when we acknowledge every single thing to which we’ve been exposed in our lives, with respect to our own thoughts, emotions, and intuition, it is then that we attain spirituality. If it can be attained. But it is a journey.

There’s no denying that.

A Cycle of Gratitude

I am always so grateful to give readings. Honestly, since it makes me feel happy and excited being of service to others in this way, I am most certainly grateful. I have many private moments, sitting in the quiet, just thanking God for enabling these beautiful opportunities. I always felt that being a psychic and a medium was a creative and colorful way to help others and that makes me even happier (and more grateful).

I did want to share a wonderful story, though. It’s truly beautiful and it proves why doing this work is worthwhile and immensely rewarding. So, right now, there are lots of projects in the works. My virtual events will always be happening because I love doing it and it’s a major part of how I connect to the rest of the world. If I didn’t have my online platform, I wouldn’t have been able to amass clients from all over the country and even world. But lately, I’ve been doing more in-person events. I am actually reading live at a couple different crystal/gift shops throughout southern Maine.

A couple days ago, I was looking around a crystal store called Leapin’ Lizards in Freeport, Maine while in between readings. All of a sudden a woman came up to me, asking if I’d remembered her. So, I did feel bad because, where I do so many readings, I honestly didn’t remember. She went on to explain that I’d given her a reading several months ago in Portland.

She then proceeded to pull out a book from her purse, and told me that, when we’d had our session, I brought her grandmother through, and she said, through me, that her grandmother was encouraging her to finally finish writing (and to publish) the book! And I felt, intuitively, that it was one of her dreams. Well, with her own book displayed in both hands, proudly, she wanted to graciously thank me because she explained that I gave her the push she needed to actually make her biggest dream come true.

Wow… What a beautiful, amazing, and incredibly humbling moment. I was so flattered and of course, I was blushing. I did make sure to tell her though, that I really didn’t do a thing. It was she that thought of those words, and wrote them down, and then released them. She made this dream a reality. I had nothing at all to do with it. But honestly, this was an amazing display of how gratitude really can come in cycles, and very often does.

Our Wheels of Energy

The human body has 7 major Chakras:

Root Chakra – Base of spine
Sacral Chakra – Lower abdomen
Solar-Plexus Chakra – Navel
Heart Chakra – Center of chest
Throat Chakra – Throat
Third Eye Chakra – Center of forehead
Crown Chakra – Top of head

The idea of balancing a chakra is only addressing part of the picture: Each chakra part of a system that functions as a whole. If we look at how chakras work, we see that they have a dynamic connection with each other and interact energetically. Therefore, when doing chakra balancing, it’s not only important to consider each chakra, but also the neighboring centers, and the energy through the whole system.

The purpose of chakra balancing is to support a balanced flow that will sustain our overall level of energy. In our everyday life, we are subjected to a number of activities, sources of stress and demands that result in fluctuations in our energy level. Some may feel draining, others fulfilling or nourishing. Furthermore, past events and experiences often leave a long lasting influence on how we feel and are in the world, therefore influencing how we manage our energy day-to-day.

The most common, approachable, and effective way to balance out the chakras, especially at the same time, is via meditation. Meditation, for some individuals, can seem impossible. I feel this way quite often, to be completely honest. Our minds are always racing in this “dog-eat-dog” world we live in today. This is exactly why there are many people that suffer from chronic forms of anxiety and even clinical depression. I will tell clients with whom I work that, if you feel you can’t meditate, per se, then try focusing on meditative activities. Try going for quiet and relaxing walks, soaking up sunshine and becoming one with the nature and all its beauty. Find a comfortable place to sit, grab a good book, and make yourself a soothing cup of tea, if that’s what you like. It’s all about holding space for yourself- making yourself feel good and becoming one with your thoughts and energy. Be good to yourself. Even a brisk jog would give our souls the cleansing relief that we all need.

There is a major part of me that tries to be practical, as I feel it is necessary to stay balanced, even spiritually. The realistic, practical side of our brains is a key component of living in these human bodies. That’s not at all to say that we can wholly embrace our spiritual convictions. However, I believe, and I know some folks in this field would be angry with me for saying this, but acclimating ourselves with the “human condition” also enables us to embrace our intuition, just as much as the faith in our “soul-selves.” With intuition, I contend that we use all parts of ourselves to activate this wonderful faculty. This really stays true to my beliefs surrounding oneness. I don’t think of each one of us as a “mind, body, and spirit.” No, we are all one spiritual entity. God made us who and what we are, and he gave each and every one of us wills that matched His own.

  1. Sit down in a comfortable, agreeable position. Make sure to maintain a good posture, thus straightening out your back.
  2. Allow your breathing to become deeper and try to feel yourself come into the present moment.
  3. Begin to focus on the feeling of your chest rising and falling. When you mind wanders, bring it back to the breath. Be kind to yourself and return to your breath without judgement.
  4. Start to notice how the parts of your body work together harmoniously, with the breath keeping it all functioning.
  5. Focus on each of the 7 chakras, starting with the root chakra in your lower back. Try to imagine a spiral of glowing energy, and picture it getting brighter with each breath.
  6. Work your way up to the sacral chakra just above the pubic bone. Imagine it as a glowing wheel of energy.
  7. Move to the solar plexus chakra, right above the center of your stomach. Visualize this spot just lighting up.
  8. Turn your attention to your heart chakra, the throat chakra, and the third eye chakra on your forehead, and finally the crown chakra on the top of your head. Spend as much time as you need nourishing each chakra with the breath.
  9. Finally, imagine all the chakras working together in harmony. Each chakra should feel bright and energized.
  10. Gently open your eyes and spend a few minutes paying attention to your body and its systems.

A Prayer for Politics

Ever since I started writing my own prayers, I quickly realized that I could craft little devotions that would speak of absolutely any subject or idea that I wanted!  There are no rules.  To be honest, I always viewed prayers as a heart-to-heart correspondence between me and my God; I have confidence in knowing that I can reach out to my higher power in any way I wish, and about anything that I wish.  I really feel that that is what is so beautiful and alluring about prayer, especially when you write one yourself, and then revisit it, for whatever reason!

This is another one of my prayers, and I actually wrote this on the evening of November 4th, 2014, which was Election Day.  Do you want a good example of anything in a prayer?

“Political Prayer 11/4/14”


I pray for the leaders
That my home country has
To guide us,
To protect us from sinister acts
And notions

And no matter how they
The morals that we all

I pray for them, their health,
Their loved ones,
And their ability to find

God bless you.

Channeled Words from Mary Todd Lincoln

As a medium, I connect with loved ones that dwell in the endless, mystical landscape of the Spirit world. Conversely, I also channel the energetic consciousness of various ascended masters. An ascended master is an individual that is greatly admired and often regarded as a spiritually enlightened being. Well-known examples of the masters are Buddha, Krishna, and Mother Mary.

I am also able to communicate with deceased famous people. Sometimes they will just come to me, but that isn’t commonplace. I request to speak to these individuals, as I do believe that the human consciousness is an infinite energy and can be accessed by anyone at anytime. I truly believe that it is all about the skill of “spiritual discernment.” Basically, it’s knowing just what to look for. As I progressed in my mediumship abilities, I feel this skill developed inside of me incidentally.

I want to share with you all the messages I’ve received in the last day from Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of US President Abraham Lincoln. Mary was an incredibly spiritual person. Her spirituality actually became a prominent part of her life in the wake of the tragic death of her diseased young son, Willie. She yearned to contact him in Spirit. She ended up getting in touch with a psychic couple that influenced her to conduct a séance. Mary Todd was very intrigued. What’s so amazing is that these events actually occurred during her husband’s groundbreaking tenure as Commander-in-Chief. In fact, it has been reported that Abraham Lincoln even attended some of these sessions. His wife would conduct the spiritual ceremony in the famous Red Room of the White House. Perhaps one of the most interesting details is that sometimes, Mrs. Lincoln would utilize a Ouija board to conduct correspondence with the Other Side.

Mary Todd Lincoln

I have always been really afraid of Ouija boards. In fact, I believe this fear inside of me was the catalyst behind my communication with Mary. Regarding these “implements,” Mary has said, “The boards themselves are not evil. The evil energies are drawn out of the boards at the hands of humans. In other words, we give them the power to become evil. The evil is actually inside of us. And the evil stems from an unexamined fear.”

The most amazing part of this exchange, however, were her words speaking about light. She explained, “God is always referenced interchangeably with the light of the sky. God is light; the light is God. There is light in each of us. There is brilliance in each of us. What humans always most remember about fellow humans is, in fact, one’s vibrancy.”

Services Offered | TERMS & CONDITIONS

*All sessions with Medium Louis Grassi are booked through this safe & secure self-scheduling website. (The name of Louis’ business by which all services are offered is Old Soul Readings.)


Get ready for the best psychic reading you’ve ever had! In addition to being a psychic and medium, Louis is also a certified Akashic Records practitioner. Using prayer and meditation, he will tap into YOUR Akashic Records. In these unique sessions, Louis will uncover the beautiful, unabridged story of your soul! And that’s what this kind of reading is about- the soul. By tapping in, Louis will see and feel into past and present actions/events. The Records will even shed light on information pertaining to the future. Details from past lives typically come through during an Akashic Records session.

Once you reserve, Louis will send you an email detailing the process for entering the energy of the Akasha (the Sanskrit word for ‘sky’), along with some information on how to form the questions that you’d like to ask. This is a very precise but sacred and cleansing process. You will also receive a great deal of healing energy during a reading in the Akashic Records. 50- and 30-minute sessions available. Book here.


During a mediumship reading, Louis receives energy from Spirit through seeing, hearing, feeling, and/or simply knowing. He will provide information about your loved one’s personality, such as their unique traits & characteristics, thus undoubtedly proving that it is in fact your relative or friend coming through in the reading. Oftentimes, your loved ones will communicate information pertaining to special memories you shared together. Along with this evidential information, Louis will bring through messages of love from Spirit. In a reading devoted to just mediumship, it is not uncommon for Louis to connect to 2 or more loved ones, as well.

A mediumship reading can truly help with the grieving process, provide some closure to any unfinished business with your loved one(s), and peace of mind in knowing that your loved one is still with you. Just remember, there are no guarantees as to who may show up in your session! 50- and 30-minute sessions available. Book here.


These sessions delve into your innermost feelings, and will help to identify and sort out your current blocks/issues in your life. Louis provides you with information and guidance to empower you to make your own decisions. He does not “predict” your future; these are not “crystal ball” readings. Essentially, he will provide you with the information that can help to identify a direction or path (based on your current vibrational energy). Get the information you’ve been seeking regarding family, love life, relationships, finances, career, health, and so much more. Louis really can help you on your path to self-discovery, happiness, and love. 50- and 30-minute sessions available. Book here.


LIVING ANIMALS: Is your pet struggling with generalized anxiety or consistent behavioral issues? Do you wish to find out why he isn’t eating like he used to? Do you think she’s seeing a spirit? More and more pet-owners are opting to see an animal communicator as opposed to trying old-fashioned obediance programs or potentially harmful drugs. An animal communication reading (for the living) looks at the big picture, taking into account mental, emotional, general health, and social factors in the animal’s life. The only information required to do a reading is the name, age, and physical description or photograph of the animal. Louis will also send comforting, therapeutic, and cleansing energy to your baby if needed. (The physical presence of the animal will complement the connection, but it is not necessary, UNLESS you would like to have some energy healing done.) 30-minute sessions available. Book here.

IN SPIRIT: Louis can also pick up on our beloved pets in the Spirit world. These readings are always very unique and special, as Louis will tap into your baby’s energy when he/she was living. He will also verbalize the precious thoughts that your animal is sending; oftentimes, he will pick up on some of your pet’s most cherished memories while here on Earth. Make sure you have some tissues nearby, as these sessions are truly heartwarming! 30-minute sessions available. Book here.

Louis also offers 1:1 mentoring! He has developed 4 variations on his original program, called The Chariot Mentorship. The programs are separated into sections, which occur over multiple 75-minute appointments (the number of sessions is up to you). All programs are custom-tailored to the individual, which makes for a more enjoyable experience. Book here.

DISCLAIMER: Any information, communication, and/or consultations with Medium Louis Grassi are for educational, spiritual and entertainment purposes only. Also, psychic, mediumship, animal, and/or Akashic Records readings should never take the place of professional services including but not limited to: medical, legal, financial, business and/or psychological. All sales are considered final. There are NO refunds and no transfers. Please contact us for any questions/concerns. RECORDINGS: The recordings are the property of Medium Louis Grassi; if he chooses to share a video with you, we ask that you keep it for your own commemorative purposes. The price of a reading ONLY covers the session itself. The option to download a replay is complementary, and it is not guaranteed. DO NOT re-post any audio/video recordings on social media. Louis maintains strict ethical and moral standards in his work. Any and all information shared in a reading is forever kept private & confidential. We ask that you respect Louis’ privacy in the same way that he will respect and maintain yours. SPIRITUAL MODALITIES: Louis does offer various spiritual services, and each one of them entails a very unique energy. Depending on your reservation, Louis will pray and meditate in specific ways just prior to meeting with you, in order to have the right energy for the session. Consequently, he cannot change the service from what has been scheduled.

SCHEDULING POLICIES: ALL readings will automatically take place virtually, via ZOOM, unless you request a phone reading. Upon scheduling a session, Louis will be in contact with you via email to provide a Zoom link and any information you may need in order to prepare. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you have working audio/visual capabilities prior to your reading. Since Louis works on a schedule, he cannot add extra time to sessions to “make up” for time lost due to technological issues. He will do his best to accommodate your needs, but he cannot promise a session longer than what has been planned. (To download the ZOOM app, please click here.) If you need to cancel or reschedule, please contact Louis through email as soon as possible. You must cancel the session at least 48 hours in advance in order to receive a refund or reschedule your time. If you contact Louis to cancel within the 48-hour timeframe, you will only be able to reschedule, at a 50% price reduction. You will not be eligible for a refund. If you simply miss your scheduled reading, that session will be cancelled and no refunds will be given. The Zoom chat room will open approx. 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. Please arrive at least a few minutes early as Louis will start promptly. (Louis will turn his camera on when you’re scheduled to begin, so don’t worry, he’ll be right with you!) If you arrive 10 or more minutes late, the session is automatically cancelled and you will not be refunded. In the unlikely event that Louis must reschedule, he will be in contact with you via email. It is at Louis’ sole discretion if he decides to go over your scheduled amount of time. However, please be respectful (and mindful) of the time limit. Louis reserves the right to end any reading at any time if he deems that it would be in the client’s or his best interests to do so.

Louis Grassi is not liable for any actions or non-actions taken by you, the client, based on any information provided by him through any means. The successful purchase of one of Louis Grassi’s offered services denotes complete acknowledgement and agreement of his terms & conditions.

My Worthy Past

When I look back on the years that I used, I always, always think of that chunk of time in my life as wasted.  I just figured it was lost; I shot it all away.  I didn’t progress or grow mentally or financially, and I only alienated myself further from my immediate family.  Many faithful AA members add up the time that they used and automatically deduct it from their real age, and say that intellectually they are the age they’ve come up with.  I totally see the logic in that.  In that time, you don’t grow at all.  Up until almost two seconds ago, I viewed my “druggy time” as wasted time.  However, I was cleaning my room up a bit earlier today, and I found the Daily Reflections book that my cousin gave to me.

Here’s what it said for January 28th:


Showing others who suffer how we were given help is the very thing which makes life seem so worth while to us now.  Cling to the thought that, in God’s hands, the dark past is the greatest possession you have–the key to life and happiness for others.  With it you can avert death and misery for them.

– pg. 124, Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous

This quote from both books (actually) showed me that I need to appreciate my past.  I’ve really been coming to learn this notion lately.  I can’t discount the fact that I used.  I need to acknowledge the fact that I used drugs, and I actually need to be grateful for that time.  Why?  Because if it wasn’t for all that time of getting high, stealing, being in withdrawal, lying, cheating, deceiving, etc, I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today — in a place of contentment and recovery.  For the most part.  I do wish, geographically I lived away from my father in all honesty.  Me and him, we just don’t see eye to eye, and I don’t think we ever will.  It’s getting harder for me to be around him.  In spite of this, I am basically thankful I’m an addict-in-recovery, though.  Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

God bless you all.