About Me

My name is Louis Grassi and I am an intuitive medium. I also do readings in the Akashic Records. I really love doing those…a lot. Additionally, I am extremely passionate about what I do. I was a drug addict for years until I finally got sober in 2014, thanks to GOD and my family. In early recovery, I started noticing that my senses were heightened, to say the least. My intuition was getting stronger, and I was becoming extremely sensitive to the feelings and emotions of people that were around me physically. A few years later, I started feeling sensations to a higher degree of intensity. Then, I started to hear the words of people that had already passed on into Spirit.

This was obviously alarming initially, because I was scared that I could be dealing with some kind of mental illness. Then I realized, no- it couldn’t be that. There were many episodes where I would just sit and doubt myself, especially since I did not have many people to whom I could disclose this bit of personal information. However, the validity behind my experiences lay in the fact that I would only hear from people that were deceased. Plus, it was only when I asked to hear from them, such as in meditation or prayer. Quickly enough, I found I had more control over how the energy came to me, so that is how I knew I wasn’t sick.

To hone in on this gift and become more proficient, especially with the idea of being able to serve others in mind, I studied with some amazing mediums. And even that is an understatement! I feel totally blessed to have taken classes with several teachers from the prestigious Arthur Findlay College, based in Stansted, England. My training began (and continues!) with some very accomplished Spiritualist mediums throughout Massachusetts & New Jersey. I am also a certified Akashic Records practitioner through Dr. Linda Howe’s Center for Akashic Studies.

Thank you so much for making your way to my website!