Our Wheels of Energy

The human body has 7 major Chakras:

Root Chakra – Base of spine
Sacral Chakra – Lower abdomen
Solar-Plexus Chakra – Navel
Heart Chakra – Center of chest
Throat Chakra – Throat
Third Eye Chakra – Center of forehead
Crown Chakra – Top of head

The idea of balancing a chakra is only addressing part of the picture: Each chakra part of a system that functions as a whole. If we look at how chakras work, we see that they have a dynamic connection with each other and interact energetically. Therefore, when doing chakra balancing, it’s not only important to consider each chakra, but also the neighboring centers, and the energy through the whole system.

The purpose of chakra balancing is to support a balanced flow that will sustain our overall level of energy. In our everyday life, we are subjected to a number of activities, sources of stress and demands that result in fluctuations in our energy level. Some may feel draining, others fulfilling or nourishing. Furthermore, past events and experiences often leave a long lasting influence on how we feel and are in the world, therefore influencing how we manage our energy day-to-day.

The most common, approachable, and effective way to balance out the chakras, especially at the same time, is via meditation. Meditation, for some individuals, can seem impossible. I feel this way quite often, to be completely honest. Our minds are always racing in this “dog-eat-dog” world we live in today. This is exactly why there are many people that suffer from chronic forms of anxiety and even clinical depression. I will tell clients with whom I work that, if you feel you can’t meditate, per se, then try focusing on meditative activities. Try going for quiet and relaxing walks, soaking up sunshine and becoming one with the nature and all its beauty. Find a comfortable place to sit, grab a good book, and make yourself a soothing cup of tea, if that’s what you like. It’s all about holding space for yourself- making yourself feel good and becoming one with your thoughts and energy. Be good to yourself. Even a brisk jog would give our souls the cleansing relief that we all need.

There is a major part of me that tries to be practical, as I feel it is necessary to stay balanced, even spiritually. The realistic, practical side of our brains is a key component of living in these human bodies. That’s not at all to say that we can wholly embrace our spiritual convictions. However, I believe, and I know some folks in this field would be angry with me for saying this, but acclimating ourselves with the “human condition” also enables us to embrace our intuition, just as much as the faith in our “soul-selves.” With intuition, I contend that we use all parts of ourselves to activate this wonderful faculty. This really stays true to my beliefs surrounding oneness. I don’t think of each one of us as a “mind, body, and spirit.” No, we are all one spiritual entity. God made us who and what we are, and he gave each and every one of us wills that matched His own.

  1. Sit down in a comfortable, agreeable position. Make sure to maintain a good posture, thus straightening out your back.
  2. Allow your breathing to become deeper and try to feel yourself come into the present moment.
  3. Begin to focus on the feeling of your chest rising and falling. When you mind wanders, bring it back to the breath. Be kind to yourself and return to your breath without judgement.
  4. Start to notice how the parts of your body work together harmoniously, with the breath keeping it all functioning.
  5. Focus on each of the 7 chakras, starting with the root chakra in your lower back. Try to imagine a spiral of glowing energy, and picture it getting brighter with each breath.
  6. Work your way up to the sacral chakra just above the pubic bone. Imagine it as a glowing wheel of energy.
  7. Move to the solar plexus chakra, right above the center of your stomach. Visualize this spot just lighting up.
  8. Turn your attention to your heart chakra, the throat chakra, and the third eye chakra on your forehead, and finally the crown chakra on the top of your head. Spend as much time as you need nourishing each chakra with the breath.
  9. Finally, imagine all the chakras working together in harmony. Each chakra should feel bright and energized.
  10. Gently open your eyes and spend a few minutes paying attention to your body and its systems.

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