A Prayer for Politics

Ever since I started writing my own prayers, I quickly realized that I could craft little devotions that would speak of absolutely any subject or idea that I wanted!  There are no rules.  To be honest, I always viewed prayers as a heart-to-heart correspondence between me and my God; I have confidence in knowing that I can reach out to my higher power in any way I wish, and about anything that I wish.  I really feel that that is what is so beautiful and alluring about prayer, especially when you write one yourself, and then revisit it, for whatever reason!

This is another one of my prayers, and I actually wrote this on the evening of November 4th, 2014, which was Election Day.  Do you want a good example of anything in a prayer?

“Political Prayer 11/4/14”


I pray for the leaders
That my home country has
To guide us,
To protect us from sinister acts
And notions

And no matter how they
The morals that we all

I pray for them, their health,
Their loved ones,
And their ability to find

God bless you.

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