Channeled Words from Mary Todd Lincoln

As a medium, I connect with loved ones that dwell in the endless, mystical landscape of the Spirit world. Conversely, I also channel the energetic consciousness of various ascended masters. An ascended master is an individual that is greatly admired and often regarded as a spiritually enlightened being. Well-known examples of the masters are Buddha, Krishna, and Mother Mary.

I am also able to communicate with deceased famous people. Sometimes they will just come to me, but that isn’t commonplace. I request to speak to these individuals, as I do believe that the human consciousness is an infinite energy and can be accessed by anyone at anytime. I truly believe that it is all about the skill of “spiritual discernment.” Basically, it’s knowing just what to look for. As I progressed in my mediumship abilities, I feel this skill developed inside of me incidentally.

I want to share with you all the messages I’ve received in the last day from Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of US President Abraham Lincoln. Mary was an incredibly spiritual person. Her spirituality actually became a prominent part of her life in the wake of the tragic death of her diseased young son, Willie. She yearned to contact him in Spirit. She ended up getting in touch with a psychic couple that influenced her to conduct a séance. Mary Todd was very intrigued. What’s so amazing is that these events actually occurred during her husband’s groundbreaking tenure as Commander-in-Chief. In fact, it has been reported that Abraham Lincoln even attended some of these sessions. His wife would conduct the spiritual ceremony in the famous Red Room of the White House. Perhaps one of the most interesting details is that sometimes, Mrs. Lincoln would utilize a Ouija board to conduct correspondence with the Other Side.

I have always been really afraid of Ouija boards. In fact, I believe this fear inside of me was the catalyst behind my communication with Mary. Regarding these “implements,” Mary has said, “The boards themselves are not evil. The evil energies are drawn out of the boards at the hands of humans. In other words, we give them the power to become evil. The evil is actually inside of us. And the evil stems from an unexamined fear.”

The most amazing part of this exchange, however, were her words speaking about light. She explained, “God is always referenced interchangeably with the light of the sky. God is light; the light is God. There is light in each of us. There is brilliance in each of us. What humans always most remember about fellow humans is, in fact, one’s vibrancy.”

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